Je$$ie on Heifer International

Je$$ie researched a number of charities before choosing Heifer International as her business cause. I am very proud of her choice and her willingness to add altruism to her business plan. heifer international


Science Experiment #1

experiment 1Finally, an experiment! Modeling clay, surface tension, and thoughtful poses are all a part of science right now. Je$$ designed an experiment and documented her findings. BONUS LEARNING: wet modeling clay is VERY slimy.

“You fish it out”

“No! You get it!”

“Ew! Ew! Ew!”

Learning from postmarks

postmarksWe are currently collecting expired postage with postmarks. Je$$ looks up the locations and pins them on a world map. If we do this all year, I wonder which continent will have the most pins? Which will have the least? BTW, the pin in south China represents one “Made in China” Nightmare Before Christmas cell phone cover purchased for next to nothing on Amazon.