Starting Slow

I think it is going well. We’ve read one book, started 1 math unit, and done a LOT of fun, fluffy stuff. Oh, and we’ve had one fight. It was a whopper. I suppose that’s to be expected as we adjust to learning together.

Math is… something. I know we need it and I definitely use it, but teaching it is difficult. Now, the reading, I love. Young adult books are awesome! The stories are unique and clever and fantastical. We have so much to choose from.

And the “other stuff”… that’s what I get really excited about. We added two classes, Altruism and Independence. Altruism is self explanatory. Independence is my version of the Family and Consumer Science classes that used to be called Home Ec. Today we are making blueberry muffins and baked ravioli. Eventually we will experiment with salted raisin recipes 😉



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