Jessie’s Rant on Doing the Dishes


Humans are all so appalling. Today I was doing the dishes and I realized how gross my family is. I am  almost traumatized from the things I saw. I saw a crockpot filled with water, corn and grapes, but the worst part is that there were 2 knives at the bottom of the crockpot. Did they expect me to put my hands in this horrible water-like substance? No, I was not subjecting my hands to their horrible stench. Then suddenly it came to me, dump the crockpot and maybe I will be able to get the knives without having to wash my hands over and over again. I tried to dump it. I couldn’t. There was a tray resting next to the crockpot which was holding it down. I moved the tray, cleaned that, then I was able to dump the crockpot and grab the knives without putting my hands in severe danger.


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