Momma Raisin writes about Virginia Homeschooling (and math)

So now it’s official. I have confirmation from the county and I was able to file under section 22.1-254 as “an approved tutor” thanks to my Virginia teaching license. I think this means that they don’t even want our test scores or our portfolio to prove that I’m teaching her properly. I think this means that they trust me. Well, thanks, Virginia! I appreciate your confidence in me… now let me finish biting my nails and pulling out my hair with worry that I won’t be good enough in subjects that are out of my comfort zone (math).

I mean, we can do this, right? It seems like such an amazing opportunity; its almost too good to be true. But then there’s math.

I’m looking forward to everything from reading good books to hitting up museums when the crowds aren’t there. Art projects and nature walks. Documentaries and board games. Waking up late and STAYING up late! I’m looking forward to all of it… all except math.


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