In the Line of Fire

Everything still feels very new and the adjustment period is definitely not over. There are ups and downs. Usually, its AWESOME. I mean, in one month we’ve read 2 novels, visited 3 museums, and done our first woodworking project.

Je$$ has even taken up the ukulele and is constantly learning new songs. Speaking of songs, the girl joined a church choir, immediately volunteered for a solo, and NAILED it during the service. I was very proud.

But my proudest moment this month was when she started talking to me about the poetry of Dylan Thomas. We are not studying Dylan Thomas. We are not even studying poetry right now! She just picked up a poetry anthology and started reading.

I was sure the most liberal “unschool” parents were LYING about their amazing children when they said that their kids actually seek out complex literature and classical music and advanced science, all without parental nudging. But, folks, they speak the truth! Je$$ learned about poetry during time she could have spent on Tumblr. She chose to READ when she could have Skyped. Sure, she instagrammed a picture of the book and she probably quoted the lines in her fan fiction or made a Dylan Thomas “meme”. But STILL! Unschooling is no lie! They WILL seek out knowledge.

Obviously, its not all sunshine and lollipops. There’s math. And then there’s this thing that teenagers do. They freak out! It’s like a car backfire that you mistake for a gunshot. It sounds serious, you pee your pants a little, but then its just over. No one calls 911 and everything goes back to the way it was before the noise. It’s a strange and unique thing. Therefore, I end this entry with a photo I snapped at my kiddo’s archery lesson to remind myself that, as a parent of a teenager, I am always in the line of fire… or at least in the line of backfire.

FullSizeRender (2)


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