Lunar Eclipse

On September 27 at approximately 9pm there will be a lunar eclipse. What is a lunar eclipse? Well, its when the sun, earth, and moon line up and the moon almost looks red and they call this a blood moon.This occurs because earths atmosphere refracts the sun’s light and lights up the moons surface.


Je$$ie’s Sea World Editorial

Okay, we all know Sea World sucks from the basic stuff like it’s really hot, and the food isn’t very good, but Sea World is a lot worse. Did you know that Sea World covers up their animal’s sunburns to hide it from their audience. They leave their animals out in the sun with barely any shade which makes it almost in possible for them not to get sunburned. To hide these burns the use black zinc oxide to make the sunburns appear to look normal when they are actually all burned up. There are also many more things Sea World does wrong, but that one upset me the most.

Six Teenage Hackers Arrested

Six teenagers ages 15 to 18 were arrested after renting the Lizard Squad’s stresser DDoS tool with bit coin in the hopes to remain anonymous. The stresser tool’s goal is to make a server or network unavailable to users by sending (an overload of) data to them. The Lizard Squad (the group that made the tool) is known for taking down Xbox live and Playstation servers over Christmas weekend, but none of the teenagers are proved to be Lizard Squad member or a part of the Christmas hack.
This group of teenagers had targeted various websites such as a UK national newspaper, gaming companies, online retailers, and a school. It has not been verified which exact websites they attempted to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).
The senior operations manger at the National Cyber Crime unit said “By paying a comparatively small fee, tools like Lizard Stresser can cripple businesses financially and deprive people of access to important information and public services.”  I think this is horrifying that they just realized this is happening when this is the basics of hacking. How far behind is the NCA (National Crime Agency) from these hackers?

June 26

The teenage raisin would not concede to a single color text for this piece, so here is her first op-ed and its a jpeg. because our blog has a default text color that I cant (or don’t know how to) change. Enjoy it anyway!

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