So, You’re Visiting the Archives (an article for kids) by Je$$ie

So, you’re visiting the National Archives? Good choice. The Archives is a wonderful museum with many fun things to look at like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but there is also little things to look for. For example, when you’re looking at the Constitution and you’re looking at all the states and signatures you will notice a few things like Pennsylvania is spelled wrong, George Washington’s signature wasn’t in Virginia because he was the president of the Continental Congress, and that there is a state missing. There is more to this museum once you get out of the room with the Constitution. You can see stuff like a comic about the steps that important documents go through and a fun patent game. I hope you have a fun visit at the Archives.


The Zoo

We are very lucky to live close to so many FREE  museums and attractions.  And as the kids head back to school, we hit the galleries… and the parks… and the ZOO! Our flexible schedule means that we can wait until the tourists are gone, the vacations are over, and the school year has begun. Last week we enjoyed the lack of crowds and unobstructed views at our national ZOO! Check out the worksheet/scavenger hunt  that Je$$ie’s cool Auntie Em made for our ZOO outing. It was a hit and she even got the “Primate Bonus” which taught us all a little something.

zoo field trip worksheet