When Jessie Came Across the Sea (book hook)

The perfect book for a thirteen year old girl named Jessie (who happens to be learning all about immigration in Civics right now). Here is her book hook:civics immigration reading review


Helluva vocabulary list from Paper Towns by John Green:

  1. Jimmied – forced open (a window or door) with a jimmy.
  2. Helluva – nonstandard spelling of a “hell of a”
  3. Fascist – an advocate or follower of fascism.
  4. Accompli – Something that has already been done
  5. Deign – do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity.
  6. Lament – a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.
  7. Usurp – to steal a position of power.
  8. Undulation – up and down movement like the motion of waves.
  9. Sniveling – to cry and sniffle.
  10. Scamper – run with fear or excitement.
  11. Demurely – with shyness and modesty.
  12. Amble – move at a slow relaxed place.
  13. Impunity – exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines.
  14. Ovid – a Roman poet
  15. Rivulet – a small stream.
  16. Prevailing – existing at a particular time.
  17. Dismissively – showing that something is unworthy of consideration.
  18. Dwindled – Reduce in size.
  19. Assertion – always expected to always be true at that point in the code.
  20. Demise – a person’s death

Tweeting to John Green

Its short and sweet and full of sarcasm, but a tweet to the author proves she read it (and shared all of the ups and downs with the characters). What would you say to your favorite author when you are limited by the confines of Twitter (140 characters)?

tweet to john green

Letter to author Gabrielle Zevin

Dear Gabrielle Zevin,

I enjoyed your book, Elsewhere. It was quite interesting and the ending was also very devastating. I liked your excellent choice of words, but I did have a few questions. Say if the world came to an end, would Elsewhere come to an end too? If people on earth couldn’t reproduce anymore for some reason would Elsewhere become overcrowded?

Also, I am quite concerned if Owen got back to earth safely. You clearly showed in the ending that Liz was born again. Also, did Betty and Curtis move in together? They got married but it never specified what happened to their relationship after the wedding.

Overall, the book was great and if I were to rate it I would give it 4.5 stars. I love how the people in Elsewhere could look through observation decks to look at their loved ones. I also can’t even tell you how much I loved the idea of the well. Thanks for writing the wonderful book.