Je$$’s end of September Reflection

First of all I love homeschool. Its so much better then public school! In public school we can’t learn anything other than our 2 electives and our core classes, but in homeschooling we have learned woodshop, archery, classical comedy and a lot more. It is also great because I don’t have to deal with other kids all day which makes it easier for me to concentrate. It is also great because there are bathroom breaks whenever (because who likes to hold in their pee for 90 minutes) and there isn’t a whole bunch of struggle trying to get through the halls.




How are salted raisins and I alike? Salted raisins is a website created by Gretchen Harris, and I, I was also created by Gretchen Harris. I am made of 0.00009% grape due to the quantity of grapes consumed by me. Salted raisins are about 99.3% grape and the rest, salt. I am 0.15% salt.

Salted raisins and I also have a few small differences. One of us has a brain and is being forced to write this. A raisin is wrinkly and I am not. We also differ because one of us is a mammal and the other one isn’t.

In conclusion, I am practically a salted raisin, in a way. Except how I have a brain.